Oothar the Barbarian

Oothar the Barbarian is blue. He just doesn’t feel like slaying dragons today. He can’t bring himself to banish uberwraiths to the ninth dimension. His gauntlet of a thousand souls has lost its luster. What is a melancholy barbarian to do? Join Oothar on his quest for happiness and maybe find a new purpose of your own.

Originally published: May 2018
Author: Brandon Reese
Genres: Humor, Fiction, Children’s literature
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We all have moments when we don’t feel ourselves. But what does a barbarian do when he’s feeling blue? He no longer wants to slay dragons or banish uberwaiths to the ninth dimension. Even the forest wizard’s spell of enchantment doesn’t make him feel better. The answer to Oothar’s blues comes in an unlikely manner which parents and kids will enjoy. WONDERFUL illustrations by the author!

Carol Baldwin

Author & Teacher

Love this book! I’m even Ok that I’ve had to read it with/to my 5yo every night since it was delivered. Creative and engaging illustrations that support the unexpected conversion in the life of Oothar the Blue.

T. J. Mathews

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Everyone can relate to OOTHAR THE BLUE on his very down day. We all have them. He doesn’t want to slay dragons (oh my!) and or send uberwraiths to the ninth dimension. And when the wizard’s spell of enchantment is anything but, Oothar gets angry. He yanks out trees and smashes boulders and slashes grass with his sword. Poor blue dude! Then he has a life-changing encounter with a mauve minotaur and is transformed. 5/5 for this big-hearted, gorgeously illustrated tale.

Literary Soiree

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Elisa Chavarri

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